Jaimie Kurtz-Prowse

June 2020

Meet Jaimie proud mom of two little boys, realtor and hairdresser! Jaimie has donated her time and talent to Miracle Babies for almost a decade! Her diverse skill sets helps Miracle Babies in many ways from styling hair to moms on hospitalized bedrest to providing real estate signs at the 5K. Jaimie’s oldest son Dominic spent fifty days in the NICU. When Jaimie was thirteen weeks pregnant it was discovered that her son Dominic had gastroschisis. Suddenly single and self employed during the fall of the economy in 2009, economic fear was 2nd to the fear of the battle her baby boy would face! During a families stay in the NICU the one and only care in the world is their baby thriving and bringing them home, but the world still goes round. Gas, utilities, rent/mortgage, groceries and the list goes on but all of that should be the last thing a family should be worried about. Just loving their baby and let mom heal should be the top priority. Jaimie received financial help from Kaiser Foundation and knew she had to pay it forward for the rest of her days! Volunteering with Miracle Babies fills her heart with joy and Dominic gets to see first hand how giving back matters!
Recently, Jaimie and her son have been volunteering at the Diaper Drives. Thank you Jaimie and family for continually dedicating your time and talent to Miracle Babies!

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