Jeff and Emily Wilcox

The Wilcox’s began Fayfaire Clothing Co right after their daughter Faye was born in 2015. What started as a side hustle grew very quickly into our family business. They knew they wanted to give back and began looking for a charity to partner with. One of their Instagram influencers knew of Miracle Babies because she had a preemie and received a care package. Jeff and Emily loved learning about the amazing work Miracle Babies does and knew they wanted to contribute. They worked with the Miracle Babies team to develop a custom designed baby onesie that would go into each care package. They’ve donated more than 3,000 onesies so far and are excited to watch that number grow, since it means more families are being assisted. The Wilcox family has grown as wellFaye is now 4 years old and her little brother, Jude, is 1. Despite the growth in their business and family, one thing remains the same: Faye still thinks shes in charge! Thank you Jeff and Emily for your continued support!

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