Micaiah Kenney

Micaiah Kenney has a personal connection with Miracle Babies as she is a Miracle baby. She was born almost 4 months premature weighing 1lb 13oz before stabilizing at 1lb 10oz. She spent the first 68 days of her life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit NICU in an incubator using a pediatric respirator developed by Dr. Forrest Bird commonly referred to as the babybird. She was the first baby at Mother Francis Hospital in Tyler, TX to use this device to help sustain her life. She was fortunate. Statements like possible neurological, vision, and other physical issues may arise are commonly made about preterm babies. Thankfully, she beat the odds. Using cutting edge technology and spending substantial time in the NICU was costly. Its still incredibly costly today. Even with health insurance, her parents had no idea how they were going to pay for this treatment. Upon discharge at a healthy 5lbs her family was informed that the entire medical bill for both her mother and her was paid for – That in itself is a bit of a miracle.

Becoming a board member for Miracle Babies since 2014 has become a full-circle life event for Micaiah as she now can help an organization which helps families and babies just like hers.

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