Michelle Mirandon

February 2020

Meet Michelle Mirandon, founder of the Mirandon Foundation for Hope supporting women, children and families in need. Michelle is a proud mom to six-year-old twins Monet and Charlie, who were born prematurely at 33 weeks, and Michelles experience as a NICU mom was one of the factors that motivated her to establish her foundation. Michelles twins spent their first two weeks of life in the NICU, and in Michelles words, Our children were born before their lungs were developed, so they needed immediate intervention. I wasnt able to hold them when they were born. They were taken from me immediately. I wasnt able to hold my daughter for two days. I couldnt hold my son (until) after the first 24 hours.The worst thing about it was, as a NICU parent, you left the hospital without your child, and I have no words for how horrible, hollow and agonizing that was.Fortunately, our children did extremely well in the NICU.
Michelle knows firsthand what our Miracle Babies moms experience. Michelle and the Mirandon Foundation for Hope have supported Miracle Babies at our signature events and have also sponsored Miracle Hours. For the past four years they have sponsored a gala table specifically for NICU parents. This generous sponsorship allows NICU parents a night out to have fun, connect with others and celebrate Miracle Babies. Thank you, Michelle and the Mirandon Foundation for Hope for your support of Miracle Babies and your genuine connection to Miracle Babies parents!

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