Miracle Babies Oliver and Sofia

Meet Oliver and Sofia, born on December 4, 2018 at 37 weeks. Miracle Mom Bridget learned her daughter Sofia had Situs inversus and several heart forms of Heterotaxy, a complex heart condition, when she was just 3 months pregnant. Miracle parents, Bridget and Ryan, had to travel several hours to their doctors appointments in Nevada. When the US Marine Corps learned of Sofia’s condition, Ryan was re-stationed to Camp Pendleton to be closer to a hospital better suited to take care of Sofia’s complex medical needs. When they were born, the twins were in neighboring hospitals until Oliver was able to go home.

Miracle Babies Oliver and Sofia are now home and thriving. Bridget and Ryan are extremely grateful for the support Miracle Babies was able to provide while their Miracle Babies were in the hospital. We look forward to seeing these Miracle Babies grow!

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