Miracle Babies partners with the Every Body Walk! National Campaign

To celebrate #walkingwednesday Miracle Babies has partnered with Every Body Walk! Every Body Walk!, Launched in January 2011, is a campaign aimed at getting Americans up and moving. To spread the message that walking 30 minutes a day, five days a week really can improve your overall health and prevent disease.

The website hub at www.everybodywalk.org contains news and resources on walking and health information, exclusive videos, and a personal pledge form to start walking. The campaign also has a strong social networking presence, offers a free mobile app and engages in media partnerships with multiple entities in the non-profit and corporate realm.

The centerpiece of the project is a series of short video vignettes featuring average Americans and motivational stories about how walking has changed their lives and lifestyles. The videos are intended to be shared with family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and anybody else. The project will include in a 30-minute documentary on the health benefits of walking, which will be accessible online.

Get more information at www.everybodywalk.org

Get the app: http://everybodywalk.org/app/

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