Miracle Baby Alexander

September 2020

Meet Miracle Baby Alexander born 7/5/19 at 35 weeks, spending 35 days in the NICU. Alexander had a VSD (Ventricular septal defect) and due to his premature birth, he had difficulty breathing, sucking, and swallowing, which resulted in the need for a temporary feeding tube.

Alexander’s mom, Violet, is thankful for the amazing nurses at Sharp Mary Birch that cared for her son and encouraged her to attend Miracle Hour. Violet reflects, “While lunch may sound like a simple gesture, for parents who spend hours at the hospital every day and often go without eating, having someone provide free lunch was such a blessing! Additionally, allowing families to get creative in an arts and crafts activity was therapeutic! It was here that I met other moms who understood what I was going through. Everyone shared their own stories and for the first time since giving birth, I felt like I wasn’t so alone in the NICU journey. I hadn’t realized how much my brain and mental health needed to focus on something other than the beeping monitors and constant worry. Thank you, Miracle Babies. The work you do matters!”

We are happy to share the cardiologist found no heart abnormality and Alexander was cleared from taking further medication. Alexander enjoys feeding himself and his favorite food is–anything orange and he just started to take his first little steps. We look forward to watching Alexander grow over the years!

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