Miracle Baby Carson

December 2020

Meet Miracle Baby Carson who was born on 11/10/18 weighing only 1lb 2oz. During his 130 day NICU stay, he underwent PDA ligation surgery, laser eye surgery, and MRSA colonization. Carson spent his 1st Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentines Day in the NICU.

Miracle Mom Priscilla reflects, Finally taking him home was truly a miracle. Even more of a miracle is that he came home with no medical equipment necessary (breathing completely on his own) and on no medications other than iron and vitamin D supplements. We live an hour away, and also have two other young boys. With the help of our loving family, we were able to drive up and visit Carson almost every day. Thank you Miracle Babies for assisting us during our NICU stay.

We look forward to watching Carson grow!

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