Miracle Baby David

February 2020

Meet Miracle Baby David! David and his twin were born 8/23/19 at 35 weeks. His twin went home a few days after birth, but David was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Cornelia de Lange syndrome (CdLS). The picture above is from David’s transfer from one hospital to another. His mother, Leslee, says “he started smiling at us for the first time during discharge. Pretty sure he knew he was going home.” David was finally able to go home to be with the rest of his family mid- January. He spent more than 5 months in 3 different NICU’s. Miracle Mom Leslee says of her experience with Miracle Babies, “thank you for all you do. The few hours in Miracle Hour were a God sent peace. Thank you!”
Congratulations to David for graduating from the NICU! We look forward to watching you grow!

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