Miracle Baby River

July 2021

This amazing little human being was born on January 2, 2021 at a tiny 15 ounces (not even 1 pound). River was born at 24 weeks due to complications with pregnancy. At only a few days old, River ended up getting surgery on her intestines for something called necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). This devastating (and sometimes fatal) disease primarily affects premature babies. Parents, Brooke and Warren, were lucky to be at a hospital where they caught the disease early. Once River’s body was able to heal from the disease and get a little bigger, she was able to have her final surgery before going home.

After spending 163 days in the NICU, River finally came home to her parents on June 14th. Her parents joined our Virtual Miracle Hour almost weekly which allowed them to get support from other NICU parents. After almost half a year in the NICU they were more than prepared to bring their baby girl home. Since being home River has thrived! She has already experienced her first Father’s Day and 4th of July in the comfort of her own home! We wish River, Brooke and Warren all of the health and happiness in the world!


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