MJ Wittman

Meet MJ Wittman, Miracle Babies Volunteer
I was first introduced to Miracle Babies when my friends invited me to go to the 2014 Miracle Babies Masquerade Ball Gala. I met Dr. Sean and Marjan Daneshmand for the first time at the event. I was so impressed by their foundation and how passionate Dr. Daneshmand spoke of his love and desire to grow the foundation to benefit NICU babies and their families.

After the Gala, I was compelled to volunteer for the foundation and became involved in their Miracle Circle: A Labor of Love. The Miracle Circle bands together philanthropic and innovative leaders to serve as good will ambassadors who support the work of Miracle Babies through fundraising, community outreach, and advocacy. This year, I am honored and proud to co-chair Miracle Circle with Elaine Becerra.

It doesnt take a lot out of me to volunteer my time and it allows my heart to become more compassionate, humble and generous. I have gravitated to volunteering at Miracle Hours, where Miracle Babies hosts NICU parents for a meal and a crafting project at local hospitals as a way for the families to escape the isolation of the NICU. Volunteering during Miracle Hour for NICU families is a way for volunteers to relate to what other families are going through and help them feel better. These precious miracle babies didn’t ask to be in the NICU and their parents certainly didn’t ask to be there either. It gives me joy and humility to be around NICU families because I see how hard it is for them to be in the hospital and their desire to take their babies home with them when they leave. I hope that my presence and my time helping out during Miracle Hour brings smiles, laughter, and warmth for these brave families.

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