National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Miracle Babies cares about mental health awareness for everyone, especially for expecting mothers and families whose babies are in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unity (NICU). Pregnancy and the time spent in the NICU is a time of increased vulnerability for the development of anxiety and depression.*

In 2008, National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month was established to bring to light the challenges of mental health conditions, health coverage, and the stigma of mental health illness within the minority population of the United States of America.

Do you want to get involved?

  • Share your story. People who are experiencing a mental health illness often feel alone and isolated. By sharing your story, you can help build a community, reduce stigma, and serve as a friendly reminder that people are not alone.
  • Become an Advocate and Volunteer. There are many organizations within your local community (such as Miracle Babies) that work to empower people who are affected by the mental health system.
  • Learn More and Educate Others. Visit your local library to check out books or articles regarding mental health illness and/or browse our website! Below, are a few reliable and helpful resources to get you started.

*Reference: Biaggi, Conroy, Pawlby, & Carmine, 2016

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