Providing Much Needed Supplies

In response to the financial stress the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on families, we are hosting drive-thru diaper distributions for families in Southern California.

Monthly Diaper Drives

Once a month events giving away thousands of diapers

Free Diapers for All Families

Ease the burden of financial stress - Diaper Drives are for all families, not just families with Miracle Babies.

SIGN UP NOW for San Diego Food Bank ID

Now Required: Must have a Food Bank ID to participate in future San Diego Diaper Distributions SIGN UP NOW >>

Supplies Support

Care Packages

Miracle Babies Care Bags are distributed monthly to NICU’s throughout Southern California, and quarterly at CHOC and UCI in Orange County.

Provide NICU support for families

Care Packages contain resources for families along with comfort and care items.

Supports families

Care Packages support families who spend considerable time in the NICU that perform kangaroo care (skin to skin bonding) and breastfeeding and to support families as they transition home from the NICU

Parental Support

Miracle Hours

Miracle Hours provide a unique way of supporting parents with hospitalized newborns. Miracle Babies provides meals and crafts for the families in the hospital which allows them to come together to verbalize their concerns, seek peer support and validation all while making memories during their NICU stay.

Uniting Families

The purpose of Miracle Hour is to mobilize internal strengths, promote hopefulness and enhance the parents' coping abilities to benefit NICU patients.

Group Therapy

Therapy through crafting and storytelling with families going through the same experiences.

Miracle Hour Sharp Mary Birch

Maternal Mental Health Support

My Brain & My Baby

The Miracle Babies Maternal Mental Wellness Program (My Brain & My Baby) is designed to provide individual and group therapy, support and resources at no cost to referred individuals experiencing maternal mental health conditions.

Assistance with Mental Health Support

Not only are they incredibly common, but they are preventable and treatable.

Mental Health Education

Additional resources provided for additional options and for your education

Shuttle Services


Our Special Delivery shuttle vans provide free roundtrip transportation to moms with complicated pregnancies, babies with cardiac defects, and parents with an infant in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Miracle Babies works closely with hospital clinicians and health care providers to ensure parents have access to their newborns addressing inequities for low-income parents through free access to transportation.

Provide Rides to and From the NICU

Families can spend more time with their babies providing breast feeding and kangaroo care.

Offsets Costs to Families

Easing the burden of costly transportation for vital visits to NICU

Eligibility for referral to Miracle Babies Transportation Program:

  • The Transportation Program is specific to families who have a newborn(s) in the NICU/CTICU or those with babies diagnosed with a CHD at a partnering hospital.
  • Referrals are only accepted by hospital social workers.
  • Participants must be independent to get in and out of the shuttle.
  • Transportation is only provided within the county of the hospital
    Transportation is only for the parents. Other adult caregivers will be considered space permitting.
  • Rider must be able to ride cooperatively with others.

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