Tamara Lafarga-Joseph

Meet Tamara Lafarga-Joseph, Miracle Grandmother and Miracle Babies Board Member

Tamara has a personal connection with Miracle Babies as she nearly lost her grandson, Max, when he was born 15 weeks premature and spent five months in NICU. Now 16, Miracle Max is thriving, but after seeing the toll it took on her daughters family, Lafarga-Joseph said she was compelled to help when she discovered Miracle Babies. It resonated on every level with me because I know firsthand that theres no way a family can prepare for that kind of trauma, she said. For my grandson, I was strong in the hospital, but it was heart-wrenching. I found it draining emotionally, physically and fiscally and it was extremely stressful.

Tamara has been a missionary in Central America, a fitness coach to the stars, a real estate developer, film producer, geriatric counselor, author, artist and philanthropist. But the job she loves most is being a mom, and its through that role she discovered her latest passion: Miracle Babies.

Tamara said she was influenced from an early age by her grandmother, who taught her family to leave the world a better place than they found it. Her grandmother knitted hundreds of blankets for the needy, built a schoolhouse at her church and left all her money to charity when she died.

We dont have to be famous or be a great athlete or have a great deal of money. We can all, just by little tiny acts of kindness, make a huge difference in the world.

Thank you Tamara for dedicating your time, talent and resources to Miracle Babies and the families we serve.

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