Vanessa Ocegueda-Munoz

July 2021

Meet Miracle Mom, Miracle Worker ~ Vanessa. This incredible mother has a heart of gold. In 2019, Vanessa gave birth to triplets. Prior to birth, Vanessa had to remain onhospitalized bedrestfor32 days, missingfamily dinners with hertwo sons at home, Aaron and Ramon III.Vanessa experienced amonth of sleepless nightsdue tobeeping alarms and needle pricks.

Miracle babies ElenaSophia, EvelynGraceand EzekielMateowere born on October 14, 2019at 2lbs. 12oz., 3lbs. 1oz., and 3lbs. 10oz. These miracle triplets were born almost 9 weeks before their due date. We first met Vanessa during a miracle hour at the hospital. She had such a positive spirit and gave such inspirational words to the other families.

Vanessa has stayed connected to Miracle Babies volunteering her precious time and donating baby items her triplets are outgrowing. Gently loved items are great for parents with babies in the NICU because most of these families have not had a chance to prepare for their bundles of joy.

Currently, Vanessa is spearheading our #MB5K Committee. Make sure to attend the #MB5K and meet this real-life superhero! Thank you Vanessa for all you do for Miracle Babies and our NICU families.

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